Hi sweet soul! I'm Rea Alducente a.k.a. Rea Ninja. You're here coz maybe you're a ninja too, yes? Regardless though, welcome to my crazy world (haha, did I just write welcome to my crazy world? yup, because that's how we blogged in 2008!). 

You know those days when you just blog because you want to, or because you feel like you have something crazy important or crazy unimportant thing to say? I started blogging in 2008 and that's where I want to be. 

I know blogging has evolved. Some people even say that blogging is dead. Well, I guess not. And as long as I'm here, haha, or as long as there are blogging platforms, blogging will still be alive and well. 

I left the corporate world in 2016 and decided to jump full-time into the world of online insanity. Sometimes, I get tired of my online work so I created this fresh new blog to go back to the basics of blogging - to just write and share. 

If you're familiar with Blissful Snapshots - it's not a famous blog - but it was mine (already gave up the domain). I stopped writing on that blog because I felt like it was becoming pretentious.. like it was not me anymore. Sad. Now, it just exists as my portfolio and an archive of the past few years of my life.

Currently, I have a niche website and YouTube channel named Rea Ninja (formerly Call Center Ninja). It's about career, BPO tips, and achieving work-life balance. Check it out if you're planning to be part of the call center/BPO workforce and if you need career tips. 

Anyway, this blog is mainly about my thoughts and myself. But that sounds narcissistic, so really, I just wanna say that this blog is about my life goals and fulfilling them. This blog is about my life as a strong independent womaninja and everything else in between.

Most importantly, this blog = letters stories from a 30-something millennial goal digger. Yup, that's me. And maybe that's you too! Because maybe my story is your story; only with a twist?

After being me, I'm a wife and a mom next. I'm a lot of so many things. I still don't have things figured out even after being married for 8+ years. 

I like traveling alone. There's a time for family. There's a time for myself. There's a time for friends. I want to be sane so I always find precious time for myself. 

I'm an introvert but it might not show because I look like I own the trophy for Ms. Congeniality, but the truth is - socializing exhausts the heck out of me. I'm glad I survived all those crazy parties and socials I've tried to squeeze myself into when I was younger. But yeah, you get the drift. 

I'm currently heading towards the direction of a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle. I just hope my two boys will cooperate. I love reading and writing. I collect pretty notebooks, planners, journals. Uhmm yeah, did I mention a "sustainable lifestyle?" LOL. K so I'm trying to have a balance. 

TRIVIA: If I can only eat one food for the rest of my life, I'd choose potatoes. Also, I don't drink coffee, but I love matcha. And I cry when I'm very hungry.

That's it for now. See yah around! 

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