First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine DONE :)

Yesterday, July 22, I had my first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine and I'm writing this blog post to document the experience because as you know, this is not just an ordinary vaccine in an ordinary time in our life. It's actually a huge part of what will become HISTORY in the next decades. 

Anyway, I got the vaccine NOT because I just want to be part of history, lol. I got it because I believe that it is our best solution now to reduce the severity of COVID-19 effects if not completely eradicate it. 

I understand the hesitations from other people as to why they don't want to get the vaccine. For one, it's relatively new. Two, there are several fake news outlets and black propaganda spreading on social media. But if you take your time to look at facts and do proper research and trust only reliable sources, it will take your fear away. 

I remember once when my son and I were watching something amazing on YouTube when in the middle of the video, I suddenly blurted "woooow it's magic!!" then my son told me, "it's not magic mom, it's science."

So yes, science makes this all possible, and regardless of your belief of whether or not this whole pandemic is man-made or that vaccines are pushed to us aggressively so that large pharma companies can make more money or whatnot, we're already here right? 

Your belief may or may not be true. But then again, we're already at this point where we need to rely on vaccines to make our situation better. We can blame and point fingers all we want but will that help us? Of course, it helps with accountability and pushing those who need to work to move the needle for us, ordinary citizens. But along with making our authorities accountable is also making ourselves accountable and doing our part to keep everyone safe. 

To me, getting vaccinated is doing my part to keep myself safer and more protected so that I can better care for my family and ease my anxiety of getting severely ill. 

Onto the side effects.. 

A lot of people I know had fever after their first dose of Astra. I was kind of expecting the same just to set my mind ahead of what the possible side effects on me would be. My vaccination schedule was at 8-9AM. Arrived at the venue at 8:10AM and I was already #70 on the list. There's a bit of waiting in the area. Thankfully everything was organized, the movement and progress was quick, and it was not hot inside despite not having any AC around - just the huge ceiling fans in the complex. 

After vitals check and health screening, I got my vaccine at around 9AM. 

This was the only photo I had because I was alone, so no mandatory flex photo. LOL. 

A little rewind.... While waiting for my vitals to get checked, I felt a bit nervous. But it always happens to me whenever there's a health check involved. During my previous company Annual Physical Exams, there were times when nurses had to get my BP twice because the first would sometimes spike. I'd always get nervous. 

Irdk why but I believe it's my anxiety with anything health-related like checkups, going to hospitals, etc. 

I'm not even scared of needles. I could look directly at the syringe during a CBC and I never had problems. It's just that I get anxious whenever it's time to check my health condition, maybe because I'm a bit scared of knowing that there's something wrong with me.

So naturally, the nurse asked me if I was nervous because my pulse rate was racing a bit. I told her yes and didn't explain anymore. I just took a deep breath, inhaled, and exhaled. Then it was okay. My blood pressure was also normal. 

After vaccination, I went home to take a nap. By the way, it's very rare for me to wake up before 8AM so I made sure to rest early the night before so I could have a sound mind and body for the vaccination day. 

I waited for the side effects to kick in. They said it's usually 4 hours after or the night after. I did not feel any. I felt super okay so I went back to my desk to work and even delivered a 1-hour presentation meeting at 5PM. 

I decided to sleep early thinking that if I'd have side effects, at least I was already asleep. At around 9PM (that's 12 hours after vaccination), I already felt the heaviness in my body and thought it's already the effects kicking in. I felt a mild headache, took Biogesic, and went back to sleep. 

When I woke up earlier, I was okay. That's about it for the side effects. Thankfully, I didn't have a fever although I did feel a bit hot last night. 

My second dose will be on September 30 - quite a long interval compared to other vaccine brands. But that's okay. I'm staying home anyway. And speaking of brands, I took the one that's available for me and it's Astra in our area. I know there has been a lot of talks about how we don't have a choice on the vaccine brand we're gonna take, but I just think of it like this: when we had vaccines for other stuff back when we were kids or even as an adult, and even for my son now, we don't normally ask what brand it would be, we consider that since it's been released, it's FDA-approved and safe for use. 

Btw, the last time I got vaccinated as an adult was for cervical cancer prevention. I had three doses and it was only on the third dose that I had the side effects like sore arm and slight fever so I completely understood what might happen after vaccination because I remembered the last time. 

This was a photo of my third shot for the cervical dose. Just remembering that time back when I was still working in an office. :) 

Yup, I encourage you to get vaccinated as soon as you can. If you have a health condition, check with your healthcare provider for the best timing. The vaccine is free and I hope you get yours soon, too. 

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