This month taught me to just go for it - whatever it is. Don't think of what others would say and just do your own thing. You will fail. You will hate some of the things you do and regret some, but remember to keep moving forward. 

My book for this month is Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. I ran into this book before when we rented an Airbnb for my 30th birthday and the book was on the shelf. I didn't finish it because we had to leave after 2 days. But even before reading it, I've already watched the first and only season of its adaptation on Netflix and was surprised it was actually based on a true story - that of Sophia's. 

For some reason, I remembered that I didn't finish the book so I downloaded a digital copy and read it this month. It was an easy and enjoyable read. 

Unfortunately, the term 'girlboss' has had a negative connotation over the past few years. At some point, it has even been linked to MLMs promising stay-at-home moms the glam of being their own boss, thus the girl boss community. It's such a shame though because when Sophia coined it and built that community, it was never meant to be that way. It's supposed to empower women to go after the life they want. 

Regardless, I still found her book unique and interesting with so many words of wisdom from her experiences as the founder of Nasty Gal. On my contact page, I even have a #girlboss photo in there. LOL. I feel like I can relate with her on so many levels although there were also a lot of what she did that I don't think I'd ever do. 

On a personal note, the term 'boss' in general is not my favorite. It just sounds a bit off to me - idk, it's in my head but can't explain it right now. 

Anyways, one thing I've noted from the Girlboss book is "when you begin with the finish line in mind, you miss all the fun stuff along the way. The better approach is to tweak and grow, tweak and grow."

Looking back at all the things I've done so far, that line from the book - from Sophia herself - totally makes sense. Your business idea or project is never going to be perfect. It will always undergo iteration and it will definitely evolve through time. And it should - otherwise, it will die a natural death. 

This month, on Reiko's birthday - April 8, I bought the domain for BPO Jobspace. I envisioned it to be a job platform for the BPO community. A resource center, a go-to hub, an education platform, and a job portal especially for entry-level applicants. 

Obviously, I'm bootstrapping it and it's actually already up. As it turns out, it's never quite easy to build something on your own. I mean, that's an understatement. It really tested my patience and sanity. I had help from my web dev friend, but of course, I had to pay him for his services. At the moment, the project is very early-stage and quite frankly, I'm not quite sure where it's headed. 

At this point, I'm just working on it on whatever time I have left in between my job (which I so love by the way) and my content creation on the outside, plus mothering and wife duties. Sometimes I feel like it's a lost cause or that I shouldn't have started it in the first place because I wasn't sure anyway. 

Sometimes, I think I just wasted my time and money on it. I never envisioned making it big or what. I just wanted to have something I can call my own that will help the community I built - something we can call our own. 

I mean - there's Jobstreet, Indeed, Monster, and a whole lot of bigger job portals and career sites out there - why would they want to be on mine? I don't know. LOL. Sometimes, I try things out because I want to prove to myself that I can actually do it, even though sometimes it's not a good idea. 

Crazy I know.. but right now, even as I'm not sure what to do with it, I try to make little steps to keep it moving forward instead of just getting stuck. You know my laptop wallpaper says "the secret to long-term success is just small steps every day." 

I don't desire to create a full-blown company out of it (at least now, it's not in my mind) and I don't think I can ever handle that. I don't know if I'm even cut out for that. 

I want to keep things local, more personal, and sustainable. I don't have a team. I just hire as I go whenever I need. I have so many doubts until now and I don't know what else to do next. Yeah, maybe just continue whatever I have started. 

This month I told myself .... Ensure you're always working on the most important thing by choosing just one thing to get done. When you focus on executing one thing, the small stuff becomes irrelevant. Maximize your time by leveraging the top priority and highest impact tasks. 

And guess what? I don't ever completely follow what I tell myself. I still find myself doing things that are truly not of value to me and what I want to do in life. I don't know - maybe because I'm scared to turn down opportunities? 

Don't get me wrong - I did already turn down quite a lot of projects because they just didn't align with what I wanna do and I'm damn proud that I didn't get the shiny object syndrome or just jumped to the next thing that throws more bucks at me. 

I guess I'm still navigating this thing called adulting

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