And just like that, January 2021 is over. I used to think (and feel) that January of every year is some sort of a trial round - that we can all just slack off and pretend that it's still the holiday season. This year is a bit different for me in a way. My January is super productive. I've accomplished a lot of my goals which I did not totally expect. 

To start with, I finished this month's book. Last year, my form of entertainment was always Netflix so I only read 4 books. I wanted to change that this year by reading one book per month. For January, I read 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think by Brianna Wiest. It was recommended by my online business coach Vanessa Lau (I'm taking her business course). 

I'm not the one to write book reviews or summaries because it's just not my thing. Haha. I read a book and write my reflection, share some and then some, then done. If I like it, I'd go back to it. I read the book as an epub copy so basically, I read it through an app on my phone. 

The app is called ReadEra Premium. You should try that app. There's a free version too which doesn't have ads! Anyways, ReadEra has this feature where you can highlight the text that you want to quote and you can easily go back to it after. I like it. 

I can easily share it online as well if I want to. It had lots of nuggets of wisdom that truly reminded me of what life is like. Again, this is not a review so you should get a copy yourself if you're interested. :)

I figured I should give you a snippet though... 

There is nowhere to arrive to. The only thing you're rushing toward is death. Accomplishing goals is not a success. How much you expand in the process is.


Living in the moment isn't a lofty ideal reserved for the Zen and enlightened; it's the only way to live a life that isn't infiltrated with illusions. It's the only thing your brain can actually comprehend.


Now for the next thing I want to share. I went on a 30-day NO SOFTDRINKS challenge. I felt like I drank too much coke last year. Ugh. Guess what? For the entire January, there was only 1 day where I took 5 sips of coke. Haha. And when I think about it now, January has 31 days so basically, I went without softdrinks for 30 days!!! I know, I know. Technicalities. BUT STILL. 

One thing I've learned from the book I mentioned earlier is that people always worry about the things THEY HAVEN'T DONE when they should be happy with the things THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED instead. Aint that right?? 

We're so consumed by the feeling that we haven't done enough, but how often do we ever look back and say, "good job self, you've accomplished this and that". That's what I'm doing with my life moving forward. 

So I missed a day of my no softdrinks challenge, not to mention I missed 7 days of my daily movement (exercise) challenge, but hey, how about the 30 days I accomplished? How about the 24 days I've managed to do my exercise? You can't just discount those days because I missed 1 or 7?? Surely, right. 

There, there. 

I also tried joining a 7-day plant-based movement challenge. I didn't have to eat purely plants only, but we had to challenge ourselves to eat plants in every meal and to have 30 minutes of movement daily. Most of those days I ate plants, but I still couldn't do it consistently and it's mainly because of our grocery and meal plans (which I really have to work on soon), plus I don't cook so there you go. 

But I've learned so much from that challenge. I paid $7 for it and I get to be part of an amazing community of people who are plant-based too. This is something I'm still working on so stay tuned for my progress. 

Days are busy.. and productive this month. I committed to giving my all to my YouTube strategy coaching/consulting business while still managing other projects. Every single thing is planned out because it's the only way I can preserve my sanity. 

Managing two YouTube channels? Haha, I don't know what I was thinking but so far, it's really going well. I know that I shouldn't wait until I burn out. I'm still pacing myself. At one point or another, everything will be so much clearer to me regarding what I really want to pursue. 

And ohhh by the way, I paid off one personal loan too even when I still had 5 months left to pay it! Happy dance dance dance. I'm so happy and relieved with that decision.

I also went back to my usual routine wherein I wouldn't go online until 11:30AM (except when I'm expecting meetings in the morning) and it feels so good!! Feels so refreshing not to check social media right after I wake up. I'm going to continue doing it this month and the months to come to guard my peace and protect my energy in the first few hours of the morning. 

Weekend movie time with Reiko is still ongoing so there's that but we didn't get the chance to leave the house at all. I think I'm fine with staying home for the time being. We can never be too complacent. I do have a scheduled out of town trip this February though, but aside from that, everything's best enjoyed at home for now. 

That's for this month. Off to February!! ♥

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