FEBRUARY: I'm so confused.

February was short and confusing. It feels like just last month, I have things figured out, but then now, I feel like I don't know what to do next. I'm speaking in terms of career and business by the way. Other aspects of my life are doing great. 

Anyway, I have so many business ideas in mind and I've started working on some of them but then one moment, I don't feel like doing them anymore and just want to start all over again or pick up from where I left off with my other business idea. Ahhhh! I think that's a good problem to have? 

One night, I opened my email and saw a message from Yaro - not a personal message, haha. It's an email newsletter. Yaro is an online entrepreneur who doesn't know me but he was the reason I started Call Center Ninja which eventually became Rea Ninja that opened up so many opportunities for me beyond what I expected. 

His email (which you can also read here) came at the right time because it's exactly what I'm going through. He said that sometimes we don't know what to pursue and what else to do next. There's really no way to know 100% if a business idea will work for you unless you do it long enough to know that it might actually work. Makes sense. And lastly, he said that sometimes the best thing to do is just TO DO MORE OF THE SAME. 

Makes sense again. Sometimes we jump from one strategy to another because we feel like it's not working even though we haven't really stuck it out for long to know that it's gonna work. I always say this on my videos, LOL. Maybe I should follow my own advice. 

But even as I'm writing this now, I am still confused. I am inadvertently making myself the bottleneck. I tend to pressure myself to do this and that that I forget to breathe for a while. Every week seems like a rush to complete my to-do list especially last week, whew! But that's fine - work keeps me alive too. 

On the other hand, I accepted this amazing opportunity to create training videos for Key Learning - it's a startup that aims to educate refugees who don't have access to learning materials. Their app would be accessible offline where refugees can learn practical and real-life skills. I'm teaching customer service. 

I must say wow, it was truly an eye-opener for me and felt wonderful to be part of the project. I'm currently planning and filming the course videos and hope to finish them by end of March. I also hope to be part of more experiences like this in the future. 

Now onto the book of the month which is a physical book (last month was an eBook). For February, I decided to read 36 Arguments For The Existence of God by Rebecca Goldstein. It's been sitting on my shelf for more than a year. Got it from the Big Bad Wolf sale in 2019 and bought it originally for my husband who likes thought-provoking essays but he never even touched it. (My best friend Beans ended up paying for it btw as a gift I guess to me, haha). 

36 Arguments for the Existence of God

When I picked it up, I thought it's an essay of some sort but it's actually a novel. I never really paid attention to the details on the back cover. I just got it because of its title and I must say this is the epitome of 'don't judge the book by its cover' LOL. 

I haven't finished it yet! It's a thick book, not to mention it's a difficult-to-understand book and way out of my league. And by that I mean, the premise of the book - that of Jewish and Judaism and Greeks, and everything like that is so unfamiliar to me, so I have to reach out for a dictionary or do a Google search while reading just to get the context. PLUS February only has 28 days but it's okay, I'm already halfway through. 

My husband and I also frequented the baywalk just outside town to have a change of scenery and to take a walk. Badly needed it to keep my weekly movement going since you know, I'm a slave to my laptop these days. I'm still paranoid of the pandemic but slowly accepting the life that we have now - masks and social distancing on. 

It's also my first time going out with a friend after a year of pandemic. I haven't done that in a long time and until now, I'm still very apprehensive. I wanted to keep my personal interactions strictly with my family as much as possible. But we did go out of town and had an overnight stay at a beach resort in Mactan. 

Ahhhh I hope the vaccines are coming here next. :( Borders are now open, travel is slowly going back to semi-normal although obviously, there are still some travel requirements needed. My little sister's getting married in January 2022 and I hope by then, it's already so much safer to travel so that I'm confident to bring Reiko home with me. 

And oh, notice I didn't mention anything about Valentine's (now I'm mentioning it, lol) and that's because, over the years, we no longer fuss about it. No offense to those who still do because to each his own. It's just that, we've moved past all the Hallmark holidays and just celebrate our lives every day as much as we can. 

I guess that's my update for the month. See you next month! :) 

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