Well, what have you here? It's 8:43 AM on a Wednesday - another unusual time for me to be blogging but I guess this is what they call "meant to be" because today is the second time this week that my morning meeting was canceled. 

Mind you, those 2 meetings required me to wake up earlier than my usual wake up time. But then I guess it's fine because I was also trying my best to change my body clock these past few days. I've been sleeping super late since last December that sometimes I'd still be up at 4 AM, which in turn would make me be up as late as 12 NN. 

I DIDN'T LIKE IT. I don't like waking up at noon because I'd feel sluggish and unusually tired, not to mention unexplainably hungry. I'd also feel the need to extend my productive hours which means I'd have to be doing work and biz-related stuff until past midnight and the cycle goes on and on where I'd sleep late and wake up late. 

So anyway, at least I've somehow trained my body to wake up early in the morning and it helps so much especially now that I'm sick with a terrible cold and a cold shower is one of the bestest things to do to feel energized and alive. 

Anyways, my canceled meeting last Monday morning made me decide to have a surprise LIVE Q&A  sesh on my Facebook page since I've already set up and all that. It was nice! It was my first time to do LIVE on Facebook too which was super last minute. I had a good time checking in with my community and addressing their questions.

I have to admit - I'm missing this kind of peace and silence in the morning when I can still be alone with my thoughts and just write with no grand intention. Thank goodness for a 9-year-old who already knows how to mind his own business. Husband is still sleeping too (also one of the rare moments I woke up earlier than him). 

My weeks have been pretty filled this month and here we go again with the usual "can you believe January is over?" LOL. It's about to be. This week's the last week of the month and I'm actually planning to have a month-end blog post. I hope to blog at least once a month this year and one good way to do that is to have an EOM update post. Whatcha think? 

I think it'd be nice to see a monthly update of my shenanigans this year. I still do journal meditation and that's kind of a different thing and is deeply personal to me - has always been. But this blog, I really want to keep it at least for myself.. to remind me of my roots, of the times when I'd still do this frequently and loved it.. of the times when I still didn't have a computer of my own and I'd spend hours in an internet cafe just to blog. Ahhh good times! That was yearrssss ago. 

I can say a lottt of things right now, but I'll save them for my month-ender post. See ya then! 

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