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I now notice a pattern of when I usually get the time to blog - and it's usually when I cannot sleep and it's super early in the morning. The last time I wrote here was still January 06. Today is already April 11 - Saturday, and I started writing at 3:33 AM. The last two days were holidays and I had a choice not to work, but in case you've been living under a rock and you haven't heard about this global pandemic (which I doubt), there's really not much to do since the enhanced community quarantine was announced. 

So I worked. Besides, I want to honor the fact that I was offered a new project (a unique and exciting one, mind you) when the entire population on earth is basically put on a halt. I feel so blessed that this career opportunity came to me I'd say at the right time and before I even realized that the health issue is gonna blow up into a crisis. 

Of course, I'm not taking this entire situation lightly because I know how challenging this time is for a lot of workers and earners in the world. Imagine being laid off at this time when everything is uncertain and countries and borders have closed until who-knows-when. I empathize with everyone in this ordeal especially the ones on the front line who continue to risk their health and lives to serve the country. 

I have avoided Facebook. I feel like people counting the number of deaths everyday are like counting votes during an election period - it just never stops. And if you know me well, I will definitely cry in secret over this matter. And I did. I've been crying but trying not to shake my faith. This will be over one day and although we never know when that day will be, I hope that everyone comes out of this crisis stronger and better. 

Social distancing and isolation are not quite new to me. I've been working from home since 2016 and staying home is my cup of tea especially that I despise Cebu traffic. I'd really rather stay at home than spend my time going to the city for unnecessary things. I think I'd just go out once a month? Once a quarter? And just to go to SM Seaside or SM City or somewhere important in my book.

Rea Ninja

Before the quarantine though, I would find some time to go out of the house even if it's just around the neighborhood just to breathe and have a change of scenery. These days, it's extremely hot in Cebu and I cannot stand a few hours in my home office. In the afternoon, I'd usually work in the living room then just move back to the office at night when it's a bit colder. Just a bit - because really, it's still hot at night. Jeezzz!! 

This explains why I'm up now. The heat gave me a bit of a headache last night so I had to sleep at around 9 PM which was super early for me. I woke up at 12:56 AM, then never got back to sleep anymore - which brings me here now in my home office typing this blog post. 

The first time I went out this year was already the end of January. Yup, told you I'm a homebody now - by necessity and a lot by choice as well. I wouldn't even have gone out if not for my college close friend who invited me to meet up. And she arrived in Cebu from NO LESS THAN, HONGKONG beesh! LOL. And that was the time when COVID-19 was already starting to blow up here. 

I was a bit anxious to go out but I did because we haven't seen each other for quite some time and I hadn't gone out of my cave for a whole month! Besides, there was no order to quarantine yet at that time. We still hugged and did not think of social distancing or whatever, but I was spraying alcohol to my hand like a madman. 

I told myself to avoid sick people, but on my way downtown, all the sick people were handed to me on a silver platter. Ok, that metaphor did not sit well at all. HAHA. What I meant is that I found myself sitting close to a kid who's coughing on the bus. My Grab driver was also coughing like there's no tomorrow. Just imagine my anxiety skyrocketing, it's crazy!!! And I wasn't wearing my mask even though I brought one. 

On my way home, I made sure to wear my mask but no one coughed. Whew. Just goes to show that things happen when you least expect them. 

In February, my friend Pearl invited me AT THE LAST MINUTE to come to Bohol with her and stay there overnight. That's her specialty - inviting me at the last minute and when I'm obviously NOT prepared at all. She messaged me at 11 PM, then we would have to leave by noon the next day. Perfect! HAHA. 

I agreed because I want to go to the beach. I haven't been in a long time because ya know, I've been hiding in my ninja cave trying to be a millionaire but actually failing to be. LOL. Anyway, that was the last trip I had before COVID-19 took over.

Panglao Beach

Panglao Beach

Panglao Beach

There's a plan to go home to GenSan over the summer, celebrate Reiko's birthday somewhere outdoors, then I have a trip to CDO this June for a wedding - and I don't know if it's still pushing through. Travel lockdown is REAL and it's the first of this scale since WW2 I believe. 

Above all these though, I'm really just incredibly grateful and blessed that my family and I are safe. We're home and have food to eat - the grocery store being just a mere 7 minutes away so we can buy food anytime. I still have a stable source of income. I'm lucky enough to be working on projects I love and still enjoy. I'm tired but who isn't? I'm just saying, but that's life. A great philosopher (a.k.a. my father) once said.. "You will always feel tired as long as you're breathing" and AINT THAT THE TRUTH?! 

Wherever you are now, I hope you are safe and healthy. This too shall pass.

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