why this blog is still active

I'm sitting on my bed right now typing on my laptop for this blog entry. This is one of the very few times I've brought my laptop to bed. I have avoided using my laptop in my bedroom because I reasoned that a bedroom is a place for resting - no work and gadgets should be involved. But I suppose now is an exception. Besides, it's 2:50 AM and writing this post is NOT work. 

It's been five months since I last published a blog post in this one-year-old blog where I aimed to blog like it's 2008. I recently renewed my domain and wondered if I did the right thing. Why should I still renew my domain if I'm not really actively blogging anymore?

WHY? It's an expense, but deep in my heart, I knew I wanted to renew and keep my blog open and active even though I don't update it often. I have poured all of my time into making YouTube videos and have found a certain level of success over there. This is why I haven't found time to write - but I still wanted to. Writing is my stress reliever. And I still want to keep this blog as my personal outlet. 

A lot has happened in the 5 months that I was not blogging. One of the highlights was winning YouTube NextUp Manila which was totally unexpected (but to which I thought I had a fair chance of winning too). It was an experience I will forever be grateful for. Long story saved for the next blog post. 

got purpose

My younger brother also GOT MARRIED! Somehow I still can't believe that my siblings and I have grown and are living very different lives now. But I'm grateful that no matter how different our lives are and have been, we're still strong as a family. We live in different cities but we still remain a family. 

A lot has also happened to my work, career, family - again, saving the stories for future blog posts that I hope I will not "forget" to write. I really just checked in here to post and say, hey I'm still here! LOL 

I've been thinking of posting something here during the last few weeks, but really didn't get the time or chance. Earlier today, one of the copywriters in my team asked me to give her tips to make her writing better. She proceeded with telling me that I write so well and said that I have become someone she's looked up to when it comes to writing. *Hi Mitch!* ;) 

That short conversation with her earlier touched my heart and triggered me to finally update my blog. I told her to write daily. I knew she was asking about work-related writing but I felt like practice really makes you better regardless of the kind of writing you do. Writing on your blog. Writing on your journal. Just writing makes you better at expressing your thoughts. 

I'm not one to seek validation because I'm pretty secure of myself. But sometimes, all you need is an unexpected push from someone to either start doing something again, revisit a hobby, or do something you've been longing to do. 

And that my friends is WHY THIS BLOG IS STILL ACTIVE.. and why I'm writing in the wee hours of the morning.

Now I'm sleepy. Good mornight! ♥

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