Genting Highlands: Gondola Lift Ride With The Gang!

Pahang, Malaysia

Genting Highlands was something we planned, but we never expected that we would actually go. When I researched about it, its theme park was under construction and fully-closed so I hesitated on going. But when we were already at Batu Caves, we just decided to head to Genting Highlands because we're able to book a Grab Car that would bring us there. It was quite far but the views were amazing!

Genting Highlands is a hill resort one hour away from Kuala Lumpur. It's located in Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia. There are luxury hotels, restaurants, performance venues, shopping malls, clubs, farms, temples, and casino. Since we weren't able to enjoy the theme park, the highlight of our visit was the Genting Skyway or gondola lift ride. 

Yup, we got matching shirts. LOL. I actually enjoyed the ride, but I don't think Sanrio did (the one in the middle). She was screaming and teary-eyed the whole time, and it was quite a long ride passing roads, buildings, and farms. She was just trying to smile for the photo. ;)

I only had phone photos because my phone was the easiest to grab for quick snaps. It was nice to just enjoy the scenery from above coupled with a few screams and giggles from my friends. Haha. I'm not one to be afraid of heights so I didn't have problems being up there. 

It was already past noontime and we were starving. We planned to eat in one of the restaurants but it was quite pricey. The fee for the gondola lift was already 8 ringgit or almost 100 Php for a one-way ride, and we still had to return. 

We arrived at a fancy place with grand architecture and beautiful led ceiling lights. Somehow we were a bit intimidated so we just walked around in awe. After a few minutes, we couldn't take the hunger anymore so we decided to go back to the main station via another gondola lift! 

Our Grab driver was so kind that he offered to wait for us. We were supposed to take the bus or train on the way back to Kuala Lumpur because it's cheaper. Our Grab driver said that we could pay him the exact same fare we'd pay for the bus (plus toll fee). We're nearing the end of our trip so we wanted to save as much as we could. 

We had a very accommodating driver and I was glad that one of the things we enjoyed most in Kuala Lumpur was meeting kind people. We enjoyed our funny conversations during the ride back to the city. 

I sure hope to be back for the outdoor theme park once it's up. I heard it's gonna have a 20th Century Fox World theme! That's so exciting! 

We didn't stay long. Aside from the gondola, we didn't really have anything to do there with our limited time. If we had more time though, it would have been nice to go hiking or visit the farms and temples. Next time I guess. :) 

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