Twitter and I: The Breakup Story

Twitter and I: The Breakup Story

A little story. 

I can clearly remember why I created a Twitter account. It was the month after I gave birth and I was just successfully done putting my then newborn baby to sleep. I didn't have anything to do (surprisingly!) or should I say, I refused to do anything productive. 

I was reading Bianca Gonzalez's new blog post and it was her 8th-anniversary giveaway. To enter the giveaway, participants just needed to comment their most favorite blog post from her blog and explain in the comments section why it was their favorite. She would then personally read each comment and choose which ones (there were 8 winners for 8 years of her blogging sesh) she liked best.

Bianca said that we needed to have a Twitter account because that's how she would notify us in case we'd win. I didn't have a Twitter account - that was 7 years ago - and I didn't want one because I didn't really understand Twitter back then. 

Of course, I didn't expect to win because for sure, there'd be thousands of entries from her thousands of readers. But I wanted to win, so I created a Twitter account. I forgot the username though. To make the long story short, I WON. For the record, the prize was delivered TWO YEARS after the giveaway. I guess, it's better super late than never? Haha! 


Anyway, last month, I was so fed up with myself because it seemed like I was not as productive as I usually would be. And I blamed it on social media. The husband said "Why blame it on social media when it's your behavior that's causing it?" Dang it, he was completely right. (And usually, I'm the one who's always right. LOL)

Well, I wasn't really blaming social media. I knew I was causing the problem. I had to work on completing my first paid ebook and I couldn't concentrate because every time my mind went blank, I'd reach for my phone and check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, every little thaaang on the internet. 

I kept reading and stalking the tweets of some popular YouTubers who were fighting about something intriguing and before I knew it, all the scrolling up and down were consuming me and my precious time. Then I told myself - "this is not good." 

Twitter and I: The Breakup Story

So I resolved to deactivate my Twitter account. Plus my Facebook account too. I didn't deactivate my Instagram because I wasn't as addicted to it as before. In fact, I could already go days without checking it (until now). 

The catch is that with Twitter - if you don't reactivate your account within 30 days, your account will be gone forever. With Facebook, you can temporarily deactivate it without losing access to it. Easy-peasy, although I did have to create another personal account that had zero friends and just for page admin purposes only. 

It was quite a hassle because I couldn't leave my Facebook Pages as those are part of my regular gigs, plus I needed to be an admin for several client accounts (perks of the job, eh?). The crappy thing is that you need to have a personal Facebook account to continue managing Facebook Pages. So I deactivated my personal account, created another personal account with zero friends, and used that alter ego account to manage my pages. 

I still had my Facebook messenger account though! Good thing it's not affected because that's basically how I communicate with family and friends these days. So to cut it short again, haha, I went without my personal Facebook for 3 weeks! 

Wasn't that an achievement? It was for me. And to be honest, I could go far longer than 3 weeks if it weren't for the month-long activities I had with the local org I'm heading. I needed to have my Facebook profile to share all our online invites, etc.

Twitter and I: The Breakup Story

At this point in my story, I'm still not talking a lot about Twitter and I, and the breakup story. Haha, this might as well be titled Facebook and I: The Breakup Story! Hmm no, because I actually kept Facebook. But I already have social media detox schedule in place starting this month. 

So back to Twitter, right? I had enough time to reactivate it because it hadn't been 30 days that time. I contemplated back and forth as to whether I'd reactivate or just completely be out of Twitter radar. Some of my friends messaged and told me to keep it. 

To be fair, Twitter was where I could somehow rant and post my quick thoughts (or thoughts that I just wanted to throw out there). It was great and satisfying and addicting and maybe, it was just that - just another social media platform for me. 

It didn't really help much with my blog's growth. I only had 400+ followers. My blog readers and YouTube viewers were not on Twitter at all. I enjoyed the insider jokes with a few of my friends and org mates who were there, yes, but really to me, it became a chore and a habit I just wanted to break. 

True, I originally deactivated it to help with my productivity. But eventually, I realized that I wanted to stop my FOMO. I wanted to get rid of the habit of posting just about anything I could think, or that feeling of "OMG, I need to tweet this" while I'm washing dishes or working, or doing something else. 

The most cliché breakup line holds true in this relationship - "It's not you, Twitter. It's me. I just need space." 

When I broke up with Twitter completely, it felt a little weird because I would still have those moments of epiphany wherein I'd say the line I said previously; that "OMG I need to tweet this now" moment. Or I'd tell myself, "I've gotta check Twitter to see what happened to Gretchen Fullido."

And then I realized - Twitter is gone. I don't have Twitter anymore. I broke up with it, right? 

Isn't that sooo similar to breaking up with someone? LOL. But I won't go into that in detail. I just wanna say that life without Twitter now has been great and productive, and at least, there's one less distraction in my life. It's for my own good. 

Am I gonna be together with Twitter again in the future? Not closing my doors either. "Stay put, Twitter. I may need you in the future, but I do not know when that is. For now, I'm moving on without you." 

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