I'm so not getting any younger, yeah?

I'm so not getting any younger, yeah?

It's 9:40 PM now on a Sunday and this is the first time today that I'm finally able to drag myself from the bed. I swear my body felt like I went partying overnight - when in truth, I just had a one-afternoon event yesterday with the local org I'm heading and a dinner afterwards.

True, the planning and everything else that had to be done before and during the event was crazy enough to make me tired but I didn't realize how tired I was until I woke up this morning. I was insanely tired and dizzy. But I supposed that was because yesterday was my second day of Red Day (ya know what I mean) and usually, the first and second days are my worst. 

Yeah, maybe that was it. Or it's just I'm not getting any younger. As we were eating last night, some of our friends were planning to go to a karaoke bar but I was seriously not up for it because again, I was dead tired. I was even planning to go home right after the event but knowing that it was 6 PM and for sure, traffic would be unforgiving, I decided to join the dinner instead and be with my friends a little bit more (and wait out until traffic was a lot better). 


During my younger years in the corporate world (this sounds like I'm already 65 now), I wouldn't go home until it's 12 midnight or maybe 3 AM. But thinking about it now is exhausting. Obviously, things have changed and I rarely go on nights out these days and when I do, it'd usually be chill or in a quiet place (not the movie, lol) or somewhere my friends and I could actually talk and hear each other.

I'm so not getting any younger, yeah?

I also don't like it when I'm not home and it's raining. I love the rain but I have to be home when it happens because then, I'd just sleep in bed the whole time when I've got nothing to do. Or just pretend that I've got nothing to do and sleep (just like what I did earlier today when it rained). Ahh the feeling! 

I've honestly been feeling uninspired to work lately (I think I already mentioned this last time?) and I'm just looking for things to do that will spark my creativity once again. I was supposed to start reading a book earlier but I went with sleeping instead. Who can blame me? 


It's the last day of the month today and tomorrow is October! I planned to follow a daily schedule starting tomorrow to give way to the things I really need to finish. I have so many plans and I have to execute them while also doing my full-time job. 

My planned schedule includes social media detox and I wanna make sure I follow through. I'll update you with the adjustments and how this will change my life! LOL. I'm pretty adamant about it because I really want to prove to myself that I can live without checking social media every waking moment of my life. Or that I can live like it even though my job entails being on social media for the most part of the day. Ha!  

Also, my back aches right now. So I guess this is it? I'm officially an aging millennial! Back massage tomorrow? 

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